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The most troubling for housework is the clogging of toilets, sewers, and sinks. Not only can't use, but it will also create bad smells. The general cleaning tools are not dredged thoroughly. If you are bothered by these problems, then try the Monster Drain Buster - Manual Strong Suction Plunger. 


  • Adopts strong vacuum suction that can effectively dredge the pipelines. 
  • Multi-purpose, can dredge bathroom sewers, sinks, toilets, etc. 
  • Soft rubber sucker makes it easier and faster to clean the toilet.
  • The main body of the high-pressure shaft air cylinder is made of plastic and can be freely extended and retracted. 
  • The vacuum tube and the big sucker can be disassembled freely, which is convenient for you to use.
  • During operation, first press the handle of the toilet plunger to the lowest position, rotate it, and lift the handle up and down.
  • When replacing or installing the sucker, please tighten the sucker to achieve a better dredging effect.


  • Material: PP + rubber
  • Color: Red and yellow
  • Size: 45*15cm


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